Top 10 Reasons Why We Created the New Wallet™

Hi, I’m Karen Crawford, CEO of New Wallet, and welcome to my world—one where I’m insanely busy starting a business, being a wife and mom, not to mention a fitness fanatic!! I brought together an amazing team to help me find a way to be better organized and make life easier—the result: New Wallet™!

Top 10 Reasons Why We Created the New Wallet 

01. Keys and wallets are the most misplaced items we carry everyday – so we connected them


02. We got tired of digging around our purses looking for our keys and wallets and wanted to make life, well, better!


03. Because we convinced our husbands to switch to trim, fit pants, so we had to create a solution to replace the bulky wallet they used to carry in the front pocket of their “dad” slacks ☺

05. While it’s fun to get carded in your 30s and 40s, pulling out an ID should be easy. We made it so.


06. Because yoga pants don’t have pockets and neither do bike shorts.[/column]

07. My husband and I were looking for an opportunity to collaborate outside the home on a creative project.


08. To foster an environment of entrepreneurship in our family and create an opportunity to get our kids involved in the process. They love “living it” with us

09. It’s time the wallet is redefined.

10. We saw opportunity as our phones become our remote control for life.

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