The Wallet, Redefined: New Wallet™

The billfold wallet we are all familiar with today would also be recognizable to a person walking down a street in 1690’s Massachusetts. 

The wallet. A simple concept that is largely unchanged from its form or function since the invention of paper money. Sure, there have been advances over the last few hundred years – some velco was added in the 1970’s to keep things in place and a tri-fold design made earlier in the 1950’s made the wallet smaller, but on a whole the form factor we shove never to be seen again cards, receipts and junk into and then stow away in our pants would look mightily familiar to someone in the 1690’s walking around the streets of the Massachusetts Bay Colony buying groceries or flowers or the newspaper.

Prior to that the wallet remained essentially unchanged for two thousand years… no really. The first wallets were little sacks where you could store a tiny snack, some dried meat or berries in case you got peckish on your hike on some dirt road between villages. The next advancement was to store coins when money became a thing, then… nothing till the late 1690’s and paper money (weighed less you know) and then… not much else happened, materials changed, decorations added but the design was the same.

What we’re looking at today is a product with a 3,500 year product development lifecycle with essentially no innovation. Sure you say, that’s because it works, the wallet is fine. Think so? Ask someone else. Just say, hey, I like your wallet where did you get it and they might tell you it’s OK, or really give you a rant about how much they actually hate the thing. Wallets are polarizing, wallets make people mad and we keep buying new ones hoping that it will get better

Magical thinking doesn’t make something better.. Technology, Design & Care makes it better! 


New Wallet was designed with this in mind. We are living in a mobile world. Always connected. Let’s connect our wallet. Let’s make it functional. Let’s give it a purpose other than – I’ve always had a wallet, therefore I continue to carry this thing that really acts more like a magnet to collect things I really don’t need to collect (old receipts, punch cards, candy wrappers, that scrap to do list). We have an app for to do lists. We can take a picture of a receipt if we really need to keep it. And punch cards? Just give your phone number to get your free Pinkberry! Less is more. #ditchthebulk.

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