Frequently Asked Questions

Does New Wallet come with a warranty?
New Wallet will replace any unit that does not operate as intended. Please see our warranty policy. After reviewing our 90-day Limited Warranty, contact New Wallet and request a return authorization and we will ship out a replacement New Wallet when your original unit is received.

Will my cards or ID get demagnetized while stored inside the New Wallet?
The ID card is wrapped in a metal holder which keeps it secure. Your cards are sitting inside a plastic card holder which keeps them out of direct contact with the back of the phone. In over a year of testing with this configuration no testers cards have become demagnetized.

Watch our video on How to Replace Your Cardholder

How many items can I store inside my New Wallet?
– iPhone 5/5s New Wallet: 3 cards and an ID
– iPhone 6/6s New Wallet: 4 cards and an ID

**Please note: overstuffing your New Wallet can render it unusable, and could LOCK you out of your New Wallet.  Both work best with one less card and a folded bill in the extra slot.

What is the size of the ID holder and Credit Card Holder?
Credit Card Slots
– Width    3.366″  (85.49 mm)
– Height   2.124″   (53.95 mm)

ID Holder
– Width   3.371″   (85.62 mm)
– Height   2.126″   (54.02 mm)

What colors will New Wallet come in?
New Wallet is currently available in all black or white body with black back. More colors to come.

Do you ship internationally?

Where is New Wallet manufactured?
New Wallet parts were manufactured in Korea (Wallet portion) and China (the New Wallet Tracker) and designed, assembled and shipped from the US.

Where can I buy New Wallet?
Currently New Wallet is available through our website and on

Need to insert your cards? 

You may experience some friction or resistance while trying to insert your cards into the card slots your first couple of times. It’s OK. It’s supposed to be a very snug fit to ensure that your cards are safely secured into the holder without any risk of them dropping out. We actually redesigned the holder numerous times to ensure their security, and durability, thus protecting your money, identity, and credit.

Just insert the cards and apply constant, but gentle pressure while pressing them down into the slot. Don’t be afraid to give it a little wiggle to help it along. After the first couple of time it will conform to the shape of your card while still maintaining its snugness. Kind of like a new pair of jeans.

How many companies would spend so much time on a card holder for its loyal customers… Just New Wallet!